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Bollywood actress amisha patel in georgette salwar kameez collection

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Is your budget wedding labeling you budget bride?

Weddings are expensive, in fact very experience endeavor, which need careful planning if you don’t want to burn your pockets deep at the end of the day. If you’re daughter of rich daddy then this post obviously doesn’t belong to you, but for everyone else like me, we need a budget to go.   On a hypothesis basis clothing is appx. 45% of the expenses a family make, while a wedding function, and bridal clothing [...]

Salwar Kameez: Casual style in Indian look

Introduction:   There are many dresses across the globe for females. As per geographical area and culture, different dresses have occupied their places among the society. There are many dresses, which are part of the culture of the concerned society for years. For Indian culture, salwar kameez is the best example of it. This dress was started wearing by females in Mughal era, and now is adopted by all parts of society. This dress is [...]

Enhance your look with designer sarees

In the world of fashion, western dresses such as skirts, T-shirts, and jeans have always got dominance. However, according to different cultures, different dresses are found and some of them are really fancier than these western dresses also. As per Asian culture, and especially as per Indian culture, saree is most worn dress by females. It is an almost 5 to 7 meters long fabric, which is worn around the body and covers from shoulder [...]

Sarees: Indian culture in modern style

Introduction:   India has been known to the world for last many decades for its culture and traditions. The rich culture and the blended tradition of this country make it different from those of others. The people who know about this country will agree with the fact that the natives of this country still secure the cultural values in their beliefs and their clothing. One of the examples is Indian cultural outfits, which are not [...]

Sabyasachi’s Ethnic Designs Ruling India

Introduction:   There are many fashion designers in India, but very few have made it to the top level. One of the top designers of India is Sabyasachi Mukherjee, who is known not only nationally, but internationally for his ingenious ethnic designs. The designs created by this designer are very much liked by a large number of people including the top Bollywood stars. Vidya Balan has been known for her iconic look, which she gets [...]


Introduction:   It has been seen many times that the old fashion trends return after some time though in a new style, but they sure make a comeback. Same is the case with the fashion of net garments. Ladies were crazy about the elegance and glamour of this fabric in the old times, and they used to wear it in different kinds of apparels. This outfit has been a part of wardrobe of females of [...]

Net Sarees: Indian Elegance in Virtual Market

Introduction:   There are a number of dresses for females in Indian society as Indian has huge cultural heritage. Different dresses were worn under rule of different dynasties, but in modern days this scenario is completely changed. Now females can wear any such dress which suits her whether it is traditional, modern or contemporary. Saree has been a part of this system under different dynasty rules in different areas.   Sarees have been the traditional [...]

Salwar Kameez: dazzle fashion with Indian style

Introduction:   India is a large combination of the fragrance of different cultures, which have their own tradition, but still the country can be seen as one secular state, as the citizens are sharing the same value system. There are many dresses, which can be considered as traditional dresses, but still equally popular among a huge class of society irrespective of class, creed, age, sex, geographical area or barriers of religion. This thing can be [...]

Jodhpuri Suits – The Elegance of the Royals

Introduction:   India has always been the land of royals. All areas and states of India are filled with different stories of kings and queens. The royal look and royal dresses have always remained favorites of Indians since ancient times. The state of Rajasthan is no more different than other parts of the country. The royal Rajasthani apparels have their prestigious position in history, as well as, present time. These apparels have spread their glory [...]