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12 Sexy Hair Styles With Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez is such a versatile outfit for women that can be worn on day-to-day basis, at work place or college, casually or formally, or on special occasions like festivals, parties and celebrations as well. It complements any mood or personality alike. Comfort, style and fashion are the forte of this unique dress.

Any good hairstyle goes pretty well with it. Let’s check out the popular hairstyles that you can wear with different pattern salwar kameez on various occasions.

Open Hairs
The quickest style you can give to your hair is to leave them open. It serves well for any kind of event.


In this hair style only half hair are pinned up while rest of the hair are left opened down. This is also one of the better semi formal hairstyles for curly hair.

For more sophisticated look you can try buns too. There are several ways you can arrange a bun with like french braid bun, messy bun, curled bun, side bun, high bun etc.

For a new look to your straight hair you can choose to get your hair curled or permed too. Curls give a soft, natural and carefree look.

In this style front part of the hair are cut in a way that hangs over the forehead swept to one side or the other. A fringe can be combined with many styles of hair discussed here.

Hair Braids and Pony
Braids are a good option for long and medium length hair. It can be made in various styles and patterns. Braid or plaits can also be with buns too. Or else pull all of your hair up to a pony.

Bits of wavy or curly hair that fall from a pulled-up hairstyle soften the outer edge of your face and add lengthy look to neck.

Tips and tricks

  • You can use hair colors too give a new look to your hairs but do keep in mind that hair colors should always be chosen matching to your skin tone.
  • Or else you can use color streaks or highlights without messing with natural color of your hair.
  • For styling your hair for any special occasion you would definitely require hair setting lotion, gel or spray etc. to keep the hair settled and styled. But it should be only of good quality.
  • You can use different hair accessories to add stylish look to your hairdo.
  • Now various beauty products are available in the market that can completely change the look of your hair like artificial braids, buns, curls and many more.
  • Layered hair cuts are a good option to give a fuller look to the hair.
  • Hairstyles with fullness and a little bit height at the crown is best for round faced women. Also it can add few inches to the height or shorter women.

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