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7 Tips To Increase Glow Of Your Face

A glowing bright and smiling face always gets more attention than the dull and dry face. However work pressures, tensions and even the weather can sometimes take the glow away from your face. The good news is that you can get the glow back on your face and even improve the skin tone of your face with proper care and by following these simple tips:

1. Get Chocolaty:

Experts and numerous studies over the years have proven again and again the chocolate is good for your health. Next time when you eat chocolate think of applying it on your face too. It is best to use dark bitter chocolate but you can use normal chocolate too. Just melt some chocolate and apply it on your face as a mask and let it dry before washing with water. This removes the tan and nourishes the skin to give you the glow back.

2. Use of wheat husk:

Make a thick paste of ½ cup wheat husk, 1tbsp. honey and 1tbsp milk. Exfoliate your face and neck (avoid the eyes and lips) for 5mins for soft, glowing skin in no time. Do this at least once a weak to maintain the health of skin.

3. Make honey your ‘honey’ :

The fastest and simplest way to get the soft angle like glow on your skin is to apply pure honey. Apply a mask of honey on your face and neck and let it work it’s magic for 15-20 minutes. Wash with cold water and voila!!Instant glowing skin.

4. Egg yolks:

Take two eggs and separate the egg yolks and whites. Take the egg yolks and whisk them a little. Apply the whisked yolks on your face and neck and let it dry completely before washing of for a smooth, even toned, and glowing skin on face.

5. Egg whites:

Mix two egg whites with raw milk and apply the mix on your face and neck each morning before bathing. Let the pack dry before washing with water. This not only improves skin complexion but also prevents wrinkles giving you an younger looking skin.

6. Black chirongi (onion) seeds for glowing skin:

Soak some chirongi seeds in raw milk overnight. Drain and make a paste of chirongi seeds and apply on your face and neck for 15 minutes in the morning. Wash with cold water for fair and glowing skin all throughout the day.

7. Cumin seeds:

Boil 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds in 1 cup of water. Cool and wash your face with it to get instant glowing skin.

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