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9 Gorgeous Hair Styles With Sarees

Sarees are the definitive Indian wear since ages and still goes on to depict what Indian Fashion is today. Adding to the dynamism and enthusiasm of the sarees are the various hair styles that go a long way to portray a perfect picture of Indian women to the world.

Lets find out some of the hair styles that go well with sarees.

Buns whether plain or decorated with pins, clips, beads, flowers or jewelry go extremely well with saree. Soft (or messy) buns (as opposed to tight buns) have been popular for a while now, and are done in different variations of sizes. The advantage with these hairstyles is that they exude a soft and pretty look, and allow for creativity with flowers. Based on your face shape you can either raise the bun or lower it down.

Curls are the hottest thing around and therefore you can have them with the part of the hair falling down.

Retro Hairstyles

Retro styles Sarees or salwar kameez are back into fashion. If you are confident to rock this trend you should try. High bun almost sitting on top is best. Idea is to give the hair more width and volume. Leave some hair around the face to get a softer look. Buns with fringes are other popular alternative.

Short bob cuts were another style popular back then. There’s a variety of bob styles to choose from and which all look great, allowing you to shine and attract positive attention.

Layered Hairstyles
This is the most popular hairstyle giving volume to the hair and variation to the look. The different trends that are continuing to grow from layers are setting a new pace to those who enjoy the latest of fashion.

Long Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles
There are many hairstyles which enable to maintain the length of the hair but still manage to look fashionable. All the long haircuts that are currently available are based on a casual and versatile look that can be changed easily. Long hairstyles for women that have led the way with these are also combined with side bangs and flat bangs for a more complete trend.

Fringe Hairstyles
This look is typically associated with layers. The fringes work best with those who want to highlight their eyes and eyebrows with a wavy look. The alterations can even highlight the profile from various angles.

Quick n Easy Curls: Layers and hair that naturally shape around your face can be used to get the versatile look. Quick curls using a hot iron for both long and short hair helps in giving a natural and trendy look, even if you don’t have time to style your hair.

Buns and Fringes

Whatever the hairstyle, the rule of the thumb to choose one is to match the shape of the face.

  • If you have a Long face then a wedding hairstyle with a variable height bun hairstyle is the best. Contrastingly you can also leave your hair fall straight with sleek style.
  • Those having round face, can choose a hairstyle which adds height on top of the face and keeping the hair close to sides. This creates an illusion of length.
  • If you have a long narrow jawline, then the motive is to choose a hairstyle that makes the look appear short and wider. Fringes will also help look softer.
  • An admiring hairdo for a heart shaped face is to have the hair full along the jaws, with a center or off-center part, with slanted fringes.

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