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Coorgi Style of Draping Saree: A Unique Saree Draping Style

The ‘Saree’ is the epitome of grace and femininity of the Indian women. It is also the most cherished national garment that has transformed from mere clothing to an investment and in some cases, even an heirloom. The Saree has an undeniable significance in the Indian sub continent. The love of the Saree is reflected in the fact that almost every culture from all corners of the country has embraced the attire as a part of their identity. And, each culture has its own distinctive drape style to set it apart from others.

The Coorgi Saree drape for instance, serves as a symbol of the traditions of the Kodagu (Karnataka region) and personifies the customs and aesthetics of the region. Coorgi women may drape their Saree in this style on a day to day basis or on special occasions such as a wedding or a festival.

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The Coorgi drape is a unique style – not replicated elsewhere- and is characterized by pleats created at the back, allowing for free movement of the legs. The rest of the Saree is brought over the shoulder and pinned.

Here’s how to drape this Saree yourself:

• Hold the plain end of the Saree and tuck it into the petticoat at the back.

• Drape the Saree anti clockwise.

• After a single drape around your body, make a minimum of 6-7 pleats.

• Gather the pleats together and tuck them into the petticoat at the back.

• Bring the rest of the Saree towards the front and drape across your chest.

• Drape it around the back again and pull the pallu (last part of the Saree) over your right shoulder (from the back to front) and pin it in place with a brooch.

Now that you know how to drape a Coorgi Saree in the traditional way; go ahead and try out the popular and very elegant ‘Ilkal’ Saree that’s crafted with the much admired Kasuti embroidery of Karnataka.

How to drape it?

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  • Avis Bunnage
    16 Feb 2013 | Permalink | Reply Tweet

    Such a beautiful and comfortable style for draping a sari!

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