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How To Take Sari Blouse Measurements

Sari Blouse Measurements

Sari blouses come in various designs and patterns. They can be made of a single cloth or use a combination of cloths, sequins and beads. Correctly stitched and well-fitted blouse adds to the grace of the sari.

If you are fond of wearing saris it is important to get the measurements of the saree blouse right. Here are some tips and a guide on how to take saree blouse measurements:

1. Blouse length:

Measure the length of the blouse you want. Measure from top of the shoulder to at least 5 inches below the chest area to get the correct length.

2. Chest/Bust measurements:

Wear the bra, which you will be wearing with the blouse. Measure your chest standing in the relaxed positions. Also measure the under the bra cups area to get the correct cup measurement.


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3. Waist measurement:

You should also measure the waist (if you want a long blouse)

4. Shoulder to neck measurement:

The distance from your collarbone to the end of the shoulder joint. This helps in getting the arm measurements right and prevent the arms from sliding up or the shoulders from slipping down.

5. Armpit measurements:

Wrap the measuring tape around the armpit and over the shoulder joint tightly. Add 1-2 centimeters to the measurement for comfortable movement.

6. Length of the sleeve:

There are four types of sleeves: sleeveless blouse, mega sleeves, regular sleeves and long sleeves (to elbow and to wrists). Take the measurement of the length of the sleeve you want.

7. Arm hole:

Take the circumference of the arm sleeve at the end.

8. Back and neck measurement:

To measure the back and the neck, measure diagonally. For the neck, measure from neck joint to the top of your cleavage. For the back measure from the neck joint to the top of the bra back strap. You can adjust the measure according to the pattern too.

Many saris come with a sari blouse piece attached it. These pieces usually have neck and sleeve strips marked on them. You can also take the assistance of your friend to take the measurements for you.



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