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How to Wear Lehenga Pattern Saree

In my previous post we learnt about what is lehenga pattern saree, its various fabrics, embroidery work etc. (read it here). In response to it I got some requests from my readers to explain more about Lehenga Patten (Style) Sarees. So here it is

Tanya: What is the difference between a Regular Saree and Lehenga Pattern Saree?
The only difference between a Lehenga Style Saree and a Regular Saree is that it doesn’t require pleats to be formed at the front. Pleats are replaced with embellished gotas or panels at the front, which imparts a flared look that is the main characteristic of a Lehenga Style Saree.

Sabina: I heard lehenga pattern saree use to be short in length. Is it true?
Yes Sabina. The reason is pleats are replaced with embellished kalidar or paneled front part. So the cloth that is consumed in making pleats is not at all required in lehenga pattern saree. These richly decorated kalidar panels give elegance to the saree (in normal saree pleats do this job) and also freedom from the fuss of making pleats.

Ritika: Can you explain more about how to drape lehenga style saree?
Yes Ritika the method of draping lehenga pattern saree is quite simple and easy as explained below

  • Be ready to wear lehenga pattern saree by putting on matching petticoat (inner skirt) and blouse or choli
  • Tuck the plain starting end of the saree into the inner skirt or petticoat just like in regular saree.
  • Make one complete round, similar to wearing a regular saree. This way you will come back to the starting point.
  • At this point, pleats are formed in a regular saree but in lehenga style saree, one continues to wrap saree around waist and tuck into inner skirt properly. (refer to the answer given to Sabina above)
  • Make sure you tuck saree well into the petticoat while making the saree even and parallel to the floor. Also you can wear your high heels so that it doesn’t show below the saree. It kills the good looks of saree. Saree should reach to the floor (once completed) even after wearing footwear.
  • Now take the pallu by taking the saree from your back under your right arm to rest on your left shoulder as in case of regular saree.

All the very best. Do look gorgeous with Lehenga Pattern Saree as well. And for those who don’t know how to drape a regular saree even I would recommend this video tutorial here.

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  • 4 Sep 2010 | Permalink | Reply Tweet

    its good craft. a lot of females actually aren’t aware of how to wear the lehenga sarees because they usually get confuse with both of the things.. either it is lehenga or it is saree.
    good post .. in fact its useful post.
    keep up the great writing.

  • harika surabhi
    15 Apr 2011 | Permalink | Reply Tweet

    Hi my name is Harika. When i tried to watch your draping saree video, it says that the video is private… How can i get access to that video?

    • Madhu
      17 Apr 2011 | Permalink | Reply Tweet


      Thank you for letting us know how to wear a lehanga saree. I tried wearing mine like a normal saree with pleats and it really didn’t look right until I read your instructions above.

      I too, am trying to watch the video but it won’t let me. Says its private.


  • M
    27 Oct 2011 | Permalink | Reply Tweet

    The video at the the end of the article is private :(

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